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K16, GPTZero Partner for AI Writing Detection

K16 Solutions has partnered with GPTZero to bring AI writing detection to K–12 schools and higher education institutions.

K16 provides data archiving and LMS migration solutions to the education sector. GPTZero offers an AI writing detection solution. Through the partnership, GPTZero's detection software will be incorporated into K16's tool to help institutions detect AI-generated content.

According to the companies: "As a result, institutions will be able to receive daily results from the analysis and assessment of thousands of student submissions for potential AI-generated content–from quizzes, tests, assignments, and online discussion posts to essays, file attachments, and more."

The technology is currently being tested in institutions in the United States, according to the companies. "This technology eliminates the manual process of faculty spot-checking student submissions one by one for potential AI-generated content. It also provides academic leaders with a complete and holistic picture of just how much student-submitted content across their institution is potentially AI-generated."

"In the past month, over 40K+ teachers from more than 30 countries and 40 US states have signed up for GPTZero's educator waitlist," said Edward Tian, Founder of GPTZero, in a prepared statement. "We are incredibly excited to collaborate with K16 to improve and transform GPTZero's AI detection model into a solution tailored for teachers and educators." (As of this writing, GPTZero's website was inaccessible.)

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