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Stanford Launches Advanced Immersive Program for High School Students

Stanford University is launching a new advanced program within its Stanford Online High School, called Stanford Pre-Collegiate University-Level Online Immersive. Its first "Immersive" online course for high school students will be a course based on a curriculum for first-year Stanford students, Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra.

The Immersive course is designed to be more rigorous than regular Stanford University-Level Online courses and is a hybrid synchronous and asynchronous experience involving about five hours of synchronous (live), faculty-led sessions (two sessions per week) and two to three recorded lectures per week.

"This ULO-Immersive class is designed to provide resources for advanced high school students to proceed well beyond what their school can offer," said Rafe Mazzeo, Cassius Lamb Kirk Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University and Faculty Director of Stanford Online High School, in a prepared statement. "This course follows a high level curriculum developed in my department to prepare Stanford undergraduate students for math, data science, AI, engineering, and all other quantitative disciplines. Linear algebra and the optimization techniques introduced in this course are fundamental for almost every application of math, particularly in data science and AI. This course is a prerequisite for many Stanford computer science and engineering courses. We are happy that it is now available to high school students.''

The course is open to students around the world under the age of 18 who meet prerequisites for the course, which include proof of "proficiency in single variable calculus at the level of AP Calculus BC or equivalent" and a letter of recommendation from a math instructor.

Enrollment for the course is open now through January 9, 2024. Financial aid applications are due December 6 for the spring semester, which runs January 29 to May 17. Tuition for the course is $4,900. The application fee is $35.

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