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Microsoft, Khan Academy Partner to Make Khanmigo Teaching Tool Free (05/23/24)

Illinois District Taps into Free Tutoring Resources (05/21/24)

Prodigy Learning Partnership Brings CS Curriculum and Assessments to Minecraft (05/16/24)

NIST Introduces National Generative AI Testing Program (05/14/24)

Google Shares 8 Tips on Using Its Classroom Platform (05/09/24)

NCES Report Highlights Concerns About Academic Performance, Staffing, and Mental Health (05/06/24)

Mental Health, Challenges Outside School Largest Barriers to K–12 Student Success (04/30/24)

ED Launches K–12 Cybersecurity Government Coordinating Council (04/25/24)

Study Points to Unaddressed Risks of Using Gen AI in K–12 Education (04/23/24)

Michigan Virtual Leads Statewide Workgroup to Release Sample K–12 AI Guidance Document (04/18/24)

Report Finds Educators Feel Mixed Curiosity and Apprehension About AI; More Training Needed (04/16/24)

McGraw Hill Releases AI-Powered ALEKS Adventure Math Program (04/11/24)

AI/ML Tool Usage Skyrockets Across Industry Sectors (04/04/24)

Vinson and K12 SlX Partner to Create Free K–12 Cybersecurity Survey Tool (04/02/24)

Los Angeles Unified and AllHere Partner to Launch AI-Driven Learning Acceleration Platform (03/28/24)

4 Keys to Exploring AI in Education (03/26/24)

$3 Billion in 70 Days: Tips for Expediting E-rate Funding Approval (03/21/24)

Microsoft Education Announces Product Updates Focused on AI and Security (03/19/24)

New K–12 AI Framework for School District and State Education Leaders (03/14/24)

Missouri Ed Department Launches Data Visualization Tool to Track Student and School Performance (03/12/24)