Collaboration & Web 2.0

Blackboard Collaborate 11 Integrates Instant Messaging with LMS

Blackboard has released a new version of its conferencing system, Collaborate, developed from the integration of technologies from Elluminate and Wimba, two companies Blackboard acquired a year ago.

The Disruption of Blended Learning

Blended learning isn't like other technology-driven movements in education. It isn't about supporting current instructional models. In fact, just the opposite, according to researcher and education analyst Heather Staker: It's about eliminating the "monolithic, factory-based architecture of today's school system" altogether.

Edmodo Revs Education Social Networking Service

Education social networking service Edmodo has received several upgrades, including changes to the repository and teacher profiles, along with a new bump feature in the mobile edition.

Schoolwires Expands Greenleaf American-Chinese Classroom Exchange Program

Schoolwires has launched an expanded version of its Greenleaf Classroom International Exchange Program. A 2010 pilot program paired two schools in China and the United States. The fall 2011 program will pair 10 to 15 additional classrooms in both countries.

Google Beefs Up Online Storage for Apps for Education

Google is increasing the amount of storage it provides to institutions that use its free Apps for Education platform.

When Social Networking Goes 'Live'

An English teacher in Iowa talks about how she parlayed Twitter interactions into a class trip halfway around the world.

On Cloud Nine

Cloud computing is no longer just used to manage administrative technology--thanks to its accessibility, ease of use, and versatility. All over the country, teachers, students, and administrators are trying different cloud-based solutions--some free or inexpensive--that allow multiple users to collaborate in innovative ways. Here are nine examples from K-12 educators who have found creative ways to get their heads in the cloud.

SaaS Module Lets Schools 'Bolt' Social Networking onto Learning Management Systems

A company with its own learning management system (LMS) for academic and corporate use has taken the social networking aspects of its LMS and turned them into an add-on product that will work with competing LMSes.

InFocus Unveils Cloud-Based All-in-One Conferencing System

InFocus has launched a new videoconferencing and collaboration system called "Mondopad"--a 55-inch touchscreen display with built-in whiteboarding, presentation, and communications tools.

Rural Grant Propels Distance Learning for K-12 Schools

A new grant is allowing Texas schools to create connections between multiple rural institutions. Through videoconferencing technologies and in-class tools, students from 14 districts will be able to participate in dual-enrollment programs and to collaborate with their peers from around the world.