Choosing the Right Classroom Design Team (And 10 Key Questions to Ask)

Creating collaborative spaces for different grade levels depends on picking the right design team.

Bringing Down Walls (Literally) to Foster Classroom Collaboration

Schools are using configurable chairs, whiteboards, and even walls to give students control of their environment and inspire them to work together.

Walling Off the Cloud = Dumbing Down Digital Skills

In the digital age, filtering is the “garden wall” designed to keep bad stuff and dangerous people away from children so they are free to focus on learning (not video games). But this “protection” is achieving the opposite of what many educators claim to want for students.

Twitter Tips for Educators

According to instructional technologist Steven Anderson, Twitter holds the key for putting teachers in touch with great ideas from all over the world. Here are 10 ways he offers to get the most out of it.

31 Top Apps for Education from FETC 2013

Like last year, this year's popular App Shootout at FETC 2013 tossed around dozens of useful apps for teachers and students.

How a District Website Connected a Community During Superstorm Sandy

The superintendent of a school district in New Jersey offers some tips for how district sites can be a source of critical information before, during, and after a natural disaster.

Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools

Thoughtfully designed learning environments can help students work together more effectively.

Hacking the Classroom to Encourage Student Independence

Seeking to empower her students with greater communication skills, one special ed teacher is "hacking the classroom" with a range of traditional and unique apps and tech-rich activities, from iPads to gaming consoles.

Making Search Engines Work for Education Resources

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative has a complicated name but a simple purpose: to make web searches more useful for students and teachers.

Is Your OS XP-ired?

New minimum requirements for assessment have district leaders talking about technology. As they consider upgrades, they should plan not just for testing, but for teaching.