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Laserfiche Brings Document Management to the iPhone

 Laserfiche Mobile supports cropping, straightening, and text recognition.
Laserfiche Mobile supports cropping, straightening, and text recognition.

Laserfiche, a document and business process management company, has released Laserfiche Mobile, an iPhone app that allows the user to capture an image with the phone's built-in camera and then put it into the stream of a managed workflow. Laserfiche's two primary products, Rio and Avante, both provide management of digital documents, allowing an organization to automate and streamline paper-based processes.

The mobile edition exploits the iPhone's touch screen, gesture recognition, and high resolution interface to provide access to those processes from Apple's mobile devices. The free app allows a user to:

  • Create and upload new documents with the iPhone camera;
  • Crop, straighten, and enhance captured information and do text recognition;
  • Copy, move, rename, download, e-mail, print, and delete materials;
  • Browse for documents in a folder structure or search a repository; and
  • Participate in workflow automation processes by accessing metadata fields.

Laserfiche Mobile is available now as a free app for iOS. Additional details can be found on Laserfiche's site.

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