WebCT Releases Higher Ed Learning System

WebCT Vista 1.0 is a Java 2, Enterprise Edition-compliant Academic Enterprise System for higher education that works with the Oracle Internet File System, a feature of the Oracle9i database. Sun Microsystems' Solaris Operating Environment is the reference platform for the first release of WebCT Vista 1.0.

Employing Oracle Internet File System, Vista 1.0 offers higher education professionals the ability to create, store, reuse, manage and share content beyond course boundaries. The new platform also gives organizations the ability to support multiple institutions, multiple colleges or departments within an institution as independent entities in a single installation. To ensure that students and faculty using the system work uninterrupted in the event of planned or unplanned server outages, Vista 1.0 adds session failover and facilitates database server clustering through Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, a feature of the Oracle9i database, in addition to system server clustering. WebCT, Lynnfield, MA, (781) 309-1000, www.webct.com.

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2002 issue of THE Journal.