Online Learning Solution Covers Health Sciences

The Evolve online learning solution from Elsevier ( is dedicated to covering the health sciences - offering courses in everything from anatomy to massage therapy. Working in conjunction with the company's series of science textbooks, the online courses allow teachers and students to further their learning experience.

The courses include features that enhance and simplify the process of teaching high-level science online. The lessons contain interactive exercises, images and animation modules with narration that help communicate difficult science concepts. For further clarification, the courses feature spelling and pronunciation aids for difficult terminology, as well as hyperlinks to additional learning opportunities. In building the courses, teachers can also customize any of the content, build online tests and assessments, enter grades, and post announcements.

Evolve consists of the Evolve Portal, which contains learning resources and course management data, as well as services such as technical and customer support. The second part of Evolve is the Evolve Learning System, which is the main site for the courses and accompanying services, including student and teacher resources. Students have access to Web links and tip sheets, while teachers can use various test banks and image galleries. In addition, communication and organization tools such as discussion boards and task organizers are available through the site's course management system.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/2004 issue of THE Journal.