Security & Privacy

Miami-Dade Debacle Leaves Teachers Scrambling

In a lengthy message, Miami-Dade County School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho attempted to calm his district community after a chaotic start-of-school week that included distance learning outages and an about-face on usage of a new learning platform.

K–12 Data Privacy During a Pandemic

K-12 privacy expert Amanda Vance shares the four questions that still matter: What data is being collected? Who has access to it? How will it be shared? And how will it be protected?

Study Recommends Total Ban on Facial Recognition in Schools

A study by researchers out of the University of Michigan's Ford School of Public Policy noted thsat facial recognition technology does not work the same for all people and that it will disproportionately "impact particularly vulnerable populations."

Keeping Students Safe and Focused During Distance Learning

With students learning from home due to COVID-19, teaching digital citizenship and choosing secure online tools are more important now than ever.

Zoom Lurches Forward on Security with New Acquisition

Videoconferencing marvel Zoom Video Communications has acquired Keybase, a secure messaging and file-sharing service.

Motorola Launches 'Safe Schools,' Bundling Video, Data, Analytics and Voice

Motorola Solutions has launched an integrated campus safety bundle that combines video, data, analytics and voice. Safe Schools is intended to help school sites secure their campus perimeter, control access to buildings and speed up communication with local law enforcement.

More States, Large Districts Shut Down Schools over Coronavirus Fears

The state closures seem by and large to have been implemented with very little or no coordination with school or district leaders, and none include concrete plans for delivering educational services during the closures.

Engineers Name Cybersecurity the 'Most Daunting' Challenge

Worldwide health concerns aside, cybersecurity is the "most daunting challenge," according to a survey of the world's engineers.

Cybersecurity Reports See Rise in Education Risks

Two cybersecurity reports that highlight mobile device risks — one from Verizon and the other from NetScout Systems — have also touched on the education sector in their findings.

Survey on Digital Learning Hints at Gaps in School Prep for 'Virus Days'

If more schools need to close even temporarily in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), in some places, they may not be able to substitute at-home learning for in-class learning.