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Rave Mobile Dispatch Update Provides Data Integration

Public safety technology company Rave Mobile Safety has updated the service it provides for emergency call takers.

New App Controls Key Use in 'e-Cylinders'

A "smart lock" company has released a programming device for its "smart" keys that lets administrators in charge of access control update credentials via mobile phone.

Avoiding Common Core's Biggest Legal Liabilities

From bandwidth issues to playing nice with assistive technologies, there's a lot that can go wrong in the world of high-stakes online testing. Our new legal columnist shares why it's not just states and testing companies with a lot on the line.

Student Security Competitions Help Lock Down Careers

To woo young people to the field of cyber security, local, regional, and global competitions give students a chance to test their knowledge and skills in front of the experts.

A Quarter of Higher Ed Transmits Unencrypted Student Data

Should colleges and universities be insisting on the use of encryption for the transmission of sensitive information among its student applicants? That's what one security firm is recommending after doing an informal audit of 162 American institutions, including schools that are part of the Big 10, the Big 8, the Ivy League, community colleges, and technical institutes.

Washington District Opens Surveillance Camera Network to Local Cops

A Washington school district is reconfiguring its network to give local law enforcement officers access to its school security cameras.

Texas District Spends $43K To Add Instant Police Alert

Local news coverage in Waco, TX has reported that the school district there has approved the implementation of a computer service that will let schools communicate instantly with police via a click of the button.

NC District Mops up Student Data Exposure Mishap

A Greensboro, NC school district has gone public with a recent data breach.

Cooper Roam Secure Alert Network Connects to FEMA Alert Systems

Cooper Notification is adding the ability to connect to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Wireless Emergency Alert system and Emergency Alert System through the company's mass notification system, the Roam Secure Alert Network.

RFID Security Company Offers K-12 RFID Alarm Badges

A company that develops radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies and products for healthcare and manufacturing has developed an alerting product specifically for K-12. Guard RFID Solutions has announced SafeGuard K-12 Safety System, which is intended to speed up communication in an emergency situation.

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