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THE Journal is published monthly in a digital/PDF format that can be viewed on mobile and desktop platforms. THE Journal is the top resource for articles on education technology for K-12 institutions. Click on an issue below to view or download. If you're looking for older issues see the archive of the print edition from January 1994 to November 2010.

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THE Journal Magazine: January/February 2017


  • 2017 Salary & Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Ed Tech Trends: What’s Hot in 2017
  • What Effective Blended Learning Looks Like
  • Coding Comes of Age
  • Ed Tech Insights
  • Keynote


THE Journal Magazine: November 2016


  • 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards
  • 9 Strategies for Managing BYOD in the Classroom
  • Digital and Print: Helping Teachers Find the Right Balance
  • How the Internet of Things Will Impact Schools


THE Journal Magazine: September 2016


  • Teaching with Technology: A Love (and Hate) Story
  • Enhancing Classroom Audio: Beyond Amplification
  • Roundtable: The Changing Role of the CTO
  • What Makes a Great Makerspace?

June July

THE Journal Magazine: June/July 2016


  • Sustaining a 1-to-1 Initiative Requires a Cultural Shift
  • Home Connectivity and the Homework Gap: How Some Schools Are Helping to Connect Students in their Homes
  • Robot Revolution: Intelligence In, Intelligence Out
  • Badges: Not Quite the Next Big Thing?
  • The Future of AV Displays

april May cover

THE Journal Magazine: April/May 2016


  • Hands On with STEM
  • Hack Club! Students Take Over STEM
  • 4 Ways Schools are Overcoming Flipped Learning Equity Challenges
  • Students Explore the Earth and Beyond with Virtual Field Trips
  • Furnishing the 21st Century Classroom
  • The Hunt for Data Privacy in the Classroom

March THE

THE Journal Magazine: March 2016


  • Funding Technology: E-rate Reboot Removes Broadband Hurdles
  • 3 Ways Technology Supports ELL Instruction
  • OER for Common Core
  • The Perfect Storm: The Conditions are Right for a Revolution in Curriculum Development
  • 5 Ways Teachers Are Opening Up the World to Special Education Through Technology
  • 4 Ways Teachers Are Learning to Use Technology to Benefit Students with Special Needs
  • Allowing Technology to Amplify Quality Teaching

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