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THE Journal is published monthly in a digital/PDF format that can be viewed on mobile and desktop platforms. THE Journal is the top resource for articles on education technology for K-12 institutions. Click on an issue below to view or download. If you're looking for older issues see the archive of the print edition from January 1994 to November 2010.

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THE Journal Magazine Cover, July 2013: "Common Core 2014 - Are You Ready?"

THE Journal Magazine: July 2013


  • Special Issue on Common Core
  • Is Your School Tech Ready for Common Core?
  • Preparing Teachers for the New Standards
  • For Districts, Online Testing Has Legal Liabilities
  • Tech Directors' Role in the Common Core

THE Journal Magazine Cover, June 2013: "Tablet Management Woes"

THE Journal Magazine: June 2013


  • 5 Solutions for Your Tablet Management Woes
  • 3 Ways Webconferencing is Transforming PD
  • The Top 10 iPad Apps for Special Education
  • Using Data to Get to the Top
  • Does Auto-Grading Writing Actually Work?
  • For Laptops and Tablets, Do You Even Need Insurance?

THE Journal Magazine Cover, May 2013: "Digital Badges"

THE Journal Magazine: May 2013


  • Digital Badges
  • Assistive Tech Goes Mainstream
  • Project RED's Tools for Success
  • 3 Fiscal Cliff Myths, Debunked
  • Coding for Middle Schoolers
  • Crossing the Device Divide

THE Journal Magazine Cover, April 2013

THE Journal Magazine: April 2013


  • Keeping Schools Safe
  • Exploring a Solar System
  • Taming the Printer Monster
  • Don't Let DRIP Damage Your District
  • Launchpads for Learning
  • Jumping off the Page

THE Journal Magazine Cover, February 2013

THE Journal Magazine: March 2013


  • Solving the PD Puzzle
  • Choosing a Cloud
  • Save our Servers
  • Save our Servers
  • Hands-on Experience
  • Distinguish Yourself
  • Celebrating the Active Learner

THE Journal Magazine Cover, February 2013

THE Journal Magazine: February 2013


  • Funding Survival Toolkit
  • Mandarin Distance Learning
  • The Incredible Shrinking Budget
  • Design for the Ages
  • Off the Shelves
  • OER and the Common Core
  • Bringing Down the Wall

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