THE Journal Magazine Cover, June 2013: "Tablet Management Woes"

THE Journal Magazine: June 2013

Cover Story — 5 Solutions for Your Tablet Management Woes

Schools across the country are excited about using iPads in class, but most tablets were designed with consumers in mind, not large groups of students. Instructional technology leaders describe their top 5 tablet pain points and share their mobile device management solutions.

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  • Our Space: Editorial director Therese Mageau argues that IT deserves praise, not criticism, for trying to make tablets work in the education enterprise.
  • Here & Now
  • Podcast: Elliot Soloway and Cathie Norris discuss research showing that third graders who used mobile technology coupled with an inquiry-based teaching model scored significantly better in one area than peers taught more traditionally and without the technology.
  • Innovator: Physical education department head Betty Ann Fish shares her favorite tech tools for encouraging students to get moving and keep moving.
  • Product Roundup: The latest and greatest ed tech products.
  • About Us/Index

June 2013 | vol. 40 no. 6

3 Ways Webconferencing is Transforming PD
Video learning communities, cloud conferencing, and online communities of practice are enabling teachers to collaborate in ways that would have been impossible a few years ago.
The Top 10 iPad Apps for Special Education
With nearly a million apps in the iTunes App Store, finding those that work best for special needs students can be an overwhelming task for educators. Our expert is here to help.
Using Data to Get to the Top
Here's how two winning districts are using their RTT-D awards to improve data tracking and build the foundation for personalized teaching and learning.
Does Auto-Grading Writing Actually Work?
Several technologies promise to save time and tedium—but can English papers truly be assessed without the human touch of a teacher?
Forget ROI, the Future of Technology Investment Is All About Value
CoSN CEO Keith Krueger argues that, when it comes to ed tech initiatives, it's not the return on investment (ROI) that matters, it's the value of the investment (VOI). He guides tech leaders to an array of downloadble tools to measure value beyond dollars and cents.
For Laptops and Tablets, Do You Even Need Insurance?
As districts across the country are putting expensive and sometimes fragile devices in the hands of children, they are weighing whether the peace of mind that comes with insuring these devices is worth the cost.
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