Kids Explore Ancient Cultures in 3D

KidsCulture, a new Social Studies software title from Pierian Spring, caused quite a stir at FETC í97. Over 150 educators purchased the program to use in their classrooms.

With the program, students explore eight unique civilizations past and present, and see how different cultures live, work and socialize. The work of celebrated artists provides the backdrop for activities, music, ideas, recipes, celebrations and more. Kids can print out, cut and assemble their own

3D civilizations, complete with transportation, people, architecture, customs, foods, animals, arts and music. Authentic imitations of headdresses, classical Greek masks and more migrate from the computer screen to the classroom.

KidsCulture lets students walk the streets of fifth-century Athens, attend a tribal potlatch (gathering) in the Pacific Northwest, or swing with the monkeys in Timbuktu. The software is available in single- or multi-user packs. Pierian Spring Software, Portland, OR, (800) 304-4535, WM

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.