FETC 2010 News

Bretford Laptop Carts Get Energy Smart

Bretford Manufacturing is bringing energy management capabilities to its line of "intelligent" laptop computer carts. The company announced at this week's FETC 2010 conference in Florida that it's begun shipping enhanced 20- and 30-unit carts equipped with power management systems.

The power management system, which the company nicknamed a "brain," redistributes power among the notebook computers connected to the cart, thereby ensuring consistent charging and preventing overheating. The "brain" also monitors the batteries of all connected units and determines when each is fully charged, at which point it automatically decreases the power it provides, saving energy and prolonging battery life.

In conjunction with the new carts, the company announced a rebate program, with up to $75 in end-user rebates available for all carts purchased between March and June 2010.

Finally, Bretford announced that its FETC booth (#851) will showcase its new, antimicrobial cart surface finishes, which are designed to protect against mold, fungus, and bacterial odors.

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