CafeScribe Expands Social Networking Features

Follett has released an enhanced search and social networking update to its CaféScribe digital textbook platform.

CaféScribe is a Web-based system for finding and purchasing textbooks in digital format. After creating an account, the user can browse titles by various criteria, purchase selections through the online store or participating campus bookstore, and organize texts with provided thumbnail and listing tools. The latest version includes expanded search options for people or groups, plus support for sharing of notes, ideas, and documents between students, instructors, and the CaféScribe community.

Viewing or reading a digital book requires installation of the company's MyScribe application on a Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Mac OS X system; a portable version of MyScribe allows access from a notebook or laptop computer through USB device (for Windows only). Usage of any given book is limited to download to a maximum of three computers, and printing or copy and paste of up to 30 percent of content. Other features of this program include text highlighting, taking of notes (which can be shared with other users), and an auto-summary.

In addition to digital book purchase through CaféScribe, users can access books for a seven-day trial period.

More information is available here.

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