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Hatch Launching Pre-Kindergarten Computing Station

Hatch is unveiling the iStartSmart All-in-One Computer Learning System, aimed at the educational needs of children under 5 years old, at ISTE 2010 in Denver. The product combines a customizable computer system and software designed around meeting the challenges of teaching very young learners.

Starting with a height-adjustable desk with rounded corners and locking cabinet for a computer, iStartSmart features a Microsoft Windows-based computer system built to individual specifications, touchscreen display, and color inkjet printer. A color-coded keyboard and mouse designed for small hands are also included, as well as onsite installation and training, plus lifetime technical support.

The pre-loaded software package includes a teacher view with class roster and report tools for student progress monitoring and ECLaunch, which allows child-directed launching of applications and limited Internet access. Educational content centers on reading and math skill development games across five achievement levels, with reward system themes for activity completion. Activities also address science and social studies topics.

The new All-in-One system will be shown in booth 2216 at the ISTE conference in Denver, CO June 27-30.

More information can be found here.

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