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ThinkCERCA Integrates Microsoft's Immersive Reader

Ed tech company ThinkCERCA has integrated Microsoft's Immersive Reader into its framework platform. The integration aims to improve critical thinking and literacy skills to make content accessible to all students, "regardless of their reading abilities or learning styles," the company said.

Immersive Reader especially assists learners of various reading skill levels and those with dyslexia and language differences. The integration includes:

  • Language translation to help learners understand material in their native language;

  • Text-to-speech to read content aloud for a multisensory approach;

  • Focus mode to highlight individual lines of text to track reading;

  • Line and word spacing to allow customization for better readability; and

  • Syllabification to break words down for decoding and word recognition.

The integration of Immersive Reader with ThinkCERCA enhances the company's mission to help educators use tools that enable "differentiated instruction and personalized learning pathways," the company said.

"By offering access to Immersive Reader to every ThinkCERCA user, we are leveling the playing field and ensuring all students have equal opportunities to engage with educational materials," said Eileen Murphy, ThinkCERCA founder and CEO.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.