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With so many technology options, how do you choose what’s best for your classroom? Canvas creates a unique and effective learning experience by connecting the content and tools used in the classroom with the teachers and students who use them.

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  • Blending in K-12: How Teachers are Using Technology to Change the Classroom Device of the Future

    Just as constant internet connectivity has become part of our everyday lives, education has taken steps to connect students, teachers, parents, and administrators with the world through technology. It’s called blended learning, and in K-12, it often results in a connected face-to-face experience. Download Now

  • Canvas K12 Helps Provide Teaching Tools in One Central Place

    Canvas provides instructors and students with modern tools and resources that empower and simplify the learning experience. Download Now

  • Choosing a Statewide LMS to Make Teaching and Learning Easier Data Security Gap in Computer Science Education

    In April 2015, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) began providing negotiated Canvas pricing to all local education agency and charter schools statewide. Ultimately, Canvas will enable K-12 educators throughout North Carolina to collaborate and share resources across grade levels, schools, and districts. Download Now

  • Choosing an LMS to Complement a District-Wide BYOD Program education technology: technology in the classroom

    To increase the effectiveness of their BYOD program, Madison County Schools (AL) chose to implement Canvas district wide. Since implementing Canvas, they’ve seen improvements not only in technology usage, but in professional development, attendance, and overall preparedness of students for the next level. Read the entire case study to see how Canvas helped. Download Now

  • Engaging All Learners--Kindergarten through High School and Beyond Tablets Teaser

    In 2012, Naperville Community Unit School District 203 identified the need for a learning management system that was simple enough for kindergarteners, powerful enough for high school seniors, and flexible enough for every student in between.At the time, Naperville was using an LMS that hadn’t been updated in more than five years and its limitations were starting to hinder the progress of this technically innovative and highly-collaborative district. Download Now

  • Ensuring Effective Use of Technology in Education student holding a tablet in class, illustrating how lost funds could be spent if title i schools were funded equally

    Compare teachers’ attitudes about electronic devices and technology in the classroom. Download Now

  • How To Choose an LMS in K12 Allowing Technology To Amplify Quality Teaching

    Drawing on the experiences of K-12 schools and districts, this white paper summarizes key considerations for choosing a new LMS. It provides recommendations for understanding how an LMS works, and for engaging with a vendor to learn more about the company’s products, services, and vision. Download Now

  • More than a 1:1 iPad Initiative: Launching a K-20 College Prep Solution opening up access to content for students

    In 2013, just one year after becoming the first school in South Florida to issue iPads to every student as part of its 1:1 initiative, Archbishop McCarthy began evaluating new learning management systems to replace the LMS used by the school for a decade. Principal Richard P. Jean said the school’s primary goal was to find a modern LMS that paired well with iPads and that enabled students to “get the most” from the 1:1 initiative in high school and beyond. Download Now

  • Personalized Learning Through Technology: Implementing a 1:1 Initiative Education Sector Now Most Targeted with Ransomware

    Knox County Schools was determined to offer personalized learning for more than 57,000 students at its 89 schools by launching a 1:1 initiative. But first, district leaders knew they had to evaluate, choose, and implement an LMS. Download Now

  • Providing a 24/7 Student-Centered Learning Environment IT Issues Teaser

    When students began asking teachers for access to Canvas before and after school, the Allen Independent School District listened. Students can now engage with quality instruction at all hours of the day, making it easier to stay on track, especially when they miss class. Download Now

  • Student-Centered Learning teacher educating with technology

    Expand your “student-centered learning” vocabulary with these bite-sized chunks of wisdom. Download Now