• The Digital Transition: K-12 Schools Making Progress, But Have More Work Ahead

    The face of technology is changing in K-12 schools. More and more schools are successfully adopting 1:1 technology programs where every student has a laptop, and/or bring your own device (BYOD) programs where students are allowed to use their own laptops or tablets, moving away from carts wheeling computers from classroom to classroom for students to use when it’s their turn. There are numerous challenges to making this digital transition, as revealed by a recent survey conducted by THE Journal and sponsored by Dell Security. Primary among those challenges are ensuring cybersecurity, providing technology training, and keeping up with upgrades. 07/26/16

  • Navigating The New Learning Landscape

    It’s not simply that students learn in different places and spaces, they actually learn differently depending on the where and when. Understanding this new learning landscape is key to designing successful digital learning programs. 07/21/16


  • Introducing: MakerBot In The Classroom

    Empower your students to design, collaborate, and create amazing things you never thought possible with MakerBot in the Classroom: An Introduction to 3D Printing and Design. Packed with resources, MakerBot in the Classroom gives you the basics of 3D printing in the classroom and design as well as ideas, projects, and activities for integrating 3D printers in your curriculum. Preview the book below and complete the form to download your copy of MakerBot in the Classroom. 07/11/16

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    Get rewarded for purchasing original HP Printing supplies with PurchasEdge! You can redeem your points for more than 350 of the latest HP products like printers, scanners, and more. Plus, HP pays all shipping and taxes on the products you redeem for, which means even more savings. 06/28/16