• Burleson ISD Shares their Journey of Embracing Technology in the Classroom

    Join the Executive Director of Technology and the Learning Technologies Coach at Burleson Independent School District, along with Google for Education, for an instructional webinar to see how they are shifting their district culture to embrace technology integration. Learn how they use Google tools in the classroom to focus on student learning and curriculum support. Follow their journey as they move from the How and the What of technology integration to a culture of Why. 06/02/15

  • Using Classroom and Google Apps with High School and College Students

    In this webinar you will hear from Alice Keeler, a high school and college teacher who is successfully using Google Apps for Education and Classroom with her students. Alice will give examples of several assignments she has run using Classroom. At the end there will be time for Q&A. 12/16/14


  • What Cybercriminals Want From Your School eBook

    Every day schools are exposed to cyberthreats trying to gain access to personal and financial data. With the ever-changing threat landscape and the growing sophistication of targeted attacks against organizations, endpoints in educational institutions need to be protected now more than ever. 12/09/19

  • 5 Steps to Achieving Endpoint Resilience in Education

    Educational institutions are adopting technology that provides teachers and students with an interactive and engaging way to access curriculum. As a result, learning establishments have adopted endpoint devices that are now the new front line of defense against cyberthreats. Applying a patchwork of protection with traditional security controls and freeware tools is proving inadequate for the growing number of devices. 12/09/19