• Got LMS? Key Strategies for Choosing and Implementing a New LMS

    Thousands of districts and schools have already gone through this process and have learned critical success factors to ensure choosing the right LMS. Join two educational technologists as they talk about their experience of going through an LMS evaluation and what they learned. 10/25/16

  • Student Access: Keeping It Safe To Click

    Today’s schools have an unprecedented opportunity to provide K-12 students with access to new and enriched personalized learning experiences through collaboration tools, web-based materials and nearly unlimited information. Engaging in these expansive new educational opportunities comes with a level of responsibility to truly keep students safe when they’re online. For teachers and parents, it’s a delicate balance of providing access to online tools and information with the need to keep them safe from inappropriate web-based content and online behavior. Although web filtering helps shield students from harmful online content, you can’t protect kids purely through application of technology. An effective approach also requires helping students understand and learn appropriate behaviors when they’re on the Internet; about learning how to be a good digital citizen. 10/18/16


  • The Delicate Balance of Student Access

    As teachers and students rely more on on-line material to ensure a comprehensive education, students' private information is increasingly placed at risk. In this new networked learning environment, ensuring the protection and privacy of student information, while maintain connectivity and access to educational resources, is more critical than ever. 09/27/16

  • Going Deeper: The Role of Effective Practice in Encouraging Profound Learning

    What happens when you combine practice—at the right level—with immediate feedback and goal setting? Download this white paper to find out. Take a deep dive into learning how targeted K12 reading and math practice helps students grow and meet rigorous college- and career-readiness standards. 09/27/16