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Cover Story: Tech Roundtable

2020 Vision
Directors of the federal Office of Educational Technology both past and present — as well as a range of ed tech leaders nationwide — predict what the digital revolution has in store for the next decade, while taking account of its impact to date. Plus: a timeline of learning technologies.


Taking the Plunge
Moving from a traditional desktop computing environment to a virtualized solution is a daunting task. The case histories of three districts that have made the transition can guide you through it. By Jennifer Demski

Higher Ed Connections

Trickle-Down Technology
Colleges and universities are discovering the best uses of classroom instructional devices before passing them downstream to K-12. By Charlene O’Hanlon


  • Our Space
  • Here & Now
  • Wireless Technology: Use It or Lose It
  • Policy and Advocacy
    Race to the Top: No District Left Behind
  • Product Focus
  • Index
  • Drill Down

Page count: 26 + 7 page brochure

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