Common Core State Standards, Accountability & Assessment

A Systemic Approach to Digital Learning Initiatives

Digital learning expert Sara Hall discusses what districts can do to implement successful digital learning strategies as they prepare for new curriculum and assessment standards, including Common Core.

Preparing for Common Core

As states prepare to adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and administer computer-based assessments in the 2014-2015 school year, many school districts have yet to begin preparations for implementing digital learning strategies required by these initiatives.

McGraw-Hill Selling Education Business to Investment Group

McGraw-Hill is selling its McGraw-Hill Education business to investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management (Apollo) for $2.5 billion.

4 State Ed Departments Complete Online Mathematics Assessment Project

Pacific Metrics, in collaboration with state education agencies in North Carolina, Kentucky, New Mexico, and South Carolina, has completed the Online Mathematics Assessment Project.

New Acuity Tool Tackles Online Assessment of Performance Tasks

Education publishing and technology company CTB/McGraw-Hill has released a new application that allows teachers to create project based assessment tasks.

Formative Assessment Is Foundational to Blended Learning

Formative assessment began long before blended learning. But formative assessment is particularly in the spotlight now because it features so prominently in emerging blended learning programs. In fact, it's hard to imagine effective blended learning without strong formative assessment at its foundation.

125,000-Student District Rolls Out Online Assessments to 183 Schools

A Florida public school district with almost 200 schools has deployed an assessment platform to help target areas where students are in need of improvement.

Dell Software Tool To Help Districts Prepare for Online Assessments

Dell Software has gone public with the news that its Dell KACE family of systems management appliances includes tools to help school districts ensure their technology is ready for online assessment testing programs.

Netop Student Response System Turns Mobile Devices into Clickers

Netop has released a Web-based student response system that allows students to use their mobile devices as clickers.

Common Core: 7 Recommendations for Effective Implementation

Conflicting reform efforts, poor communications, and "initiative fatigue" are among the factors presenting challenges to Common Core State Standards implementation. In order to overcome these potential barriers, states, districts, and schools need to take new approaches to professional development, technology adoption, and reform efforts, according to a new report released Thursday by ASCD.