Data-Informed Teaching

Istation Launches New Educator Dashboard Simplifying Student Data with Actionable Insights

Blended learning provider Istation has launched a new educator hub with improved data reporting and advanced customization of student data to help educators better understand student performance and more quickly pivot classroom time to address student needs, the company said in a news release.

The new dashboard comes in response to feedback from educators who overwhelmingly said that time is their most limited resource, Istation said. The educator hub “offers a novel way for educators and administrators to navigate data and access the most important information,” with actionable insights and recommendations for next steps based on the student performance data and that educator’s particular role, according to the news release.

Educators at every level — from district and school leaders to classroom taechers — will have access to personalized data dashboards showing the most relevant information, so they can spend less time searching through reports, Istation said.

Previously known as Imagination Station, Istation offers animated, game-like blended learned platforms in reading, math, and Spanish, emphasizing small-group and collaborative instruction. Learn more at

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