Professional Development

Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: Are We Creating an Education Nightmare?

In our ongoing effort to overhaul teacher evaluations, we're creating a potential disaster for education by adopting value-added models to rate the effectiveness of individual educators.

This Is Not Your Father's Tech Plan

Experts now say that when it comes to crafting successful plans for STEM funding, short-term and piecemeal are out, while long-term and strategic are in.

Referendum on Education Technology

Ed tech may be more of a rallying point for the community than some would expect, as one K-12 district in Florida learned. The district tried once and failed to get support for a tax increase for capital projects. The second time around, though, technology was added to the referendum. The result? Funds aplenty to pay for IT initiatives across 39 campuses and for rigorous teacher training to support those initiatives.

A Fistful of Challenges for Ed Tech

A new report has identified key challenges for education technology in the coming five years. The biggest pain point cited by its authors? Digital illiteracy among teachers.

PD Online Adds RtI, Formative Assessment Courses for Teachers

ASCD has added four new courses to PD Online, the company's series of professional development courses for educators.

Element K Launches InstructorHub

Element K has released InstructorHub, a global online community and resource center for instructors.

EdWeb Launches Free Professional Development Initiative has launched a free professional online learning community for new teachers called New Teacher Help.

360 Degrees of Reflection

Some cutting-edge technologies are trying to take teacher evaluation to the next level. But their real power may be as self-evaluation tools.

Foundations Look To Advance Common Core Curriculum

Two foundations are partnering to support Common Core State Standards through the development of both open and commercial digital instructional resources.

TeacherLine Schedule Expands to 6 Terms

PBS TeacherLine has expanded its course schedule to six terms for its most popular and newest online courses.

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