Business Graphics SW Designed for Win95

CorelFLOW 3 upgrades the business graphics and flowcharting program to Windows 95. The 32-bit software features an enhanced user interface, supports long file names and has automated install and uninstall capabilities.

Enhancements to the program include new diagramming tools; live repeating line patterns; hyperlinked files; improved layer control, rulers and guidelines; OLE automation and support; and a Project Viewer that lets users track the contents of projects through folders that contain all files associated with each project.

A new print engine, based on the one in CorelDRAW, features a dynamic print preview that allows users to move objects or adjust tiling. Multiple document interface (MDI), also new, allows several documents to be open simultaneously, making it easier for users to drag and drop objects from one diagram into another. CorelFLOW 3 also utilizes the text engine from CorelDRAW 6, providing a high degree of control over text objects.

The program also offers user-customizable menus, toolbar, status bar, keyboard accelerators and symbols. Multiple effects, fills and tools add to the robustness of this business graphics and diagramming program. Corel Corp., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (800) 455-3169. W

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.