Hang 'Em High

And Learn, Too Sir Hangman for Windows is a shareware program that updates the classic Hangman word game. The software uses subject files for different age groups such as Animals (for young children), Social Studies & Science (for teenagers), Quotes and Puns (adults) and many more. Each subject file contains a list of words and phrases with a related list of clues and hints. One can create different subject files, change the display of clues and animation, and select different audio files for game events. An unregistered version of Sir Hangman is available at www.asp-shareware.org and other online services including America Online and CompuServe. Registered versions are $20 and low-cost site licenses are available for education. Public (software) Library, Houston, TX (800) 242-4775.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.