SW Advises and Also Places College Students

The Computerized Placement, Advising, and Management Software (CPAMS), from Educational Testing Services (ETS), is designed for colleges to use with the firm's Computerized Placement Tests for college-level placements. The software determines placements for developmental and college courses based on Computerized Placement Test scores, answers to background questions, supplementary data entered by the institutions, and the students' major field of study. Data is easily added, changed and deleted. A number of reports are available, and advisors can determine not only what information appears in these reports but also whether the reports appear in ID number sequence or last name sequence. Advisors can also define the courses into which students are placed and the placement rules that define the criteria for these placements. The placement rules can range from very simple to very complex. These rules reflect institutions' policies and are determined by advisors. Educational Testing Services, Princeton, NJ, (609) 921-9000, www.ets.org.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.