Copy CD Audio Tracks Directly onto CD-R Disk

Audiotracer lets educators copy tracks from any audio CD in a CD-ROM drive directly to a CD-Recorder (CD-R) using a point, click, and drag interface that makes copying an audio track as easy as copying a file.

Until now, the only method for creating a custom audio CD was to recapture the source audio from compact disc into digital audio files on a hard disk, then write the files to disc via a CD-R premastering application. To create a full 74-minute audio CD, one needed 750MB of hard disk space and even with high-speed CD-ROM and CD-R drives, the process still took several hours.

Using the Mac-based Audiotracer, however, users simply select the audio CD to be copied using simple drag- and-drop operations. Selections are previewed through the CD-ROM drive's audio outputs, then the software automatically copies the selected tracks, creating compact discs ready for playback in any CD audio player or CD-ROM drive in just minutes. Optical Media International, Campbell, CA, (800) 347 2664, M  

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.