CAD SW Sports New Features, Performance

CADKEY 97, a mechanical CAD package, includes solid modeling capabilities, macros, OLE 2.0 server support, CADKEYís ìclassicî DOS-like interface as an option, improved rendering plus other performance enhancements. 

CADKEY 97 extends its robust 3D design capabilities by combining the flexibility of wireframe modeling with the power of the ACIS solid modeling kernal from Spatial Technology, Inc., of Boulder, Colo.

The new features for 3D solid model creation enable CADKEY users to convert a wireframe to a solid model; construct solid primitives such as a block, cone, cylinder, sphere and torus; dynamically rotate shaded models and produce models with hidden lines removed in Drawing Layout Mode; perform Boolean operations such as subtract, intersect or union, and more. 

The software allows wireframe, solid or surface modeling at anytime during the design process. From the CADKEY Edit function, robust editing features permit solid trim and break operations. Users can also easily stretch and modify solids without having to apply complex parametric constraints. 

CADKEY remains unique in having a translation utility that converts wireframe designs to solid models for re-use of legacy wireframe data, mass properties analysis and StereoLithography output (STL file) for rapid prototyping applications. 

CADKEY 97 also offers ACIS SAT file format for importing or exporting 2D/3D data to other CAD/ CAE/CAM applications supporting the ACIS solid model kernel. The firmís comprehensive offering of bi-directional data translators include DXF, DWG, CADL, VRML and IGES. It also supports the metafile (WMF) output and vector clipboard. 

CADKEY 97, available for Windows 95, NT, 3.51 and 4.0, also offers performance advantages in shaded rendering for better visualization. Free technical support is available via the firmís Web site. Baystate Technologies, Inc., Marlborough, MA, (800) 372-3872,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.