Functional Prototyping Can Occur on Desktop

Knowledge Revolution has integrated its Working Model 3D program with the SolidWorks package, resulting in a seamless solid modeling and motion simulation toolset for Windows platforms. Dubbed Working Model for SolidWorks, it lets engineers use their CAD models as the basis for functional design tests.

This combination ìremoves the fundamental barriers that existed in simulating motion behavior of a design,î notes Dave Baszucki, president of Knowledge Revolution. According to Baszucki, Working Model for SolidWorks breaks ground in two major areas. First, the application uses the solid model geometry data as the basis for functioning parts. Second, it transforms CAD assembly constraints into real-world joints. This breakthrough enables engineers to immediately use their CAD assemblies as the basis for motion simulation on their own desktop PCs, taking just minutes for the entire process. 

Working Model 3D also offers unique automatic collision detection and response capabilities, which allow users to immediately simulate how objects interact, slide and collide, without any programming. Knowledge Revolution, San Mateo, CA, (415) 574-7777,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.