Product Turns Mac into Usenet Server

Newstand turns any Power Macintosh into a viable Usenet news server for Internet or intranet networks, allowing organizations to achieve the speed and scalability of UNIX systems, without the high cost of equipment and maintenance. 

Thus, Mac-based schools and universities can set up internal discussion groups where students and employees can swap information on any number of topics. In addition, users can access the thousands of existing newsgroups on the Internet; administrative software lets one block out feeds from undesired newsgroups as well as filter individual messages. 

Newstand utilizes Appleís Open Transport and multithreading technologies. It can receive over two million articles per day, and hold a total of two billion articles. Custom configuration options enable a solution tailored to needs. 

For example, administrators can designate a single password for all members of a certain department and limit specified users to reading, but not posting, messages. The software also provides error logging statistics on transfers, article expiration and deletion, and maintenance of active group lists. 

Two versions are available: Newstand Pro, an end-node and middle-node feeder, and Newstand Lite, a lower-priced end-node-only solution for intranets. Imagina, Portland, OR, (800) 909-6537,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.