DOS Office Suite Suits Older PCs

New Deal Office 97 is a graphical DOS productivity suite designed specifically to work with the millions of computers that arenít capable of running todayís high-requirement software.

The suiteís integrated applications sport a simple, point-and-click interface, and laser-quality printer output. Older DOS-based PCs become graphical workstations with word processor/DTP, spreadsheet, database, graphics and communications programs. Most popular text, graphics, spreadsheet and database file formats are supported, easing data sharing with other, newer PCs.

New Deal Office 97 also provides a desktop manager, a personal organizer and America Online software. Unlike many other graphical suites, New Deal Office 97 runs well on older computers with configurations as low as a 286 processor, 640K RAM, and 8MB of hard disk space. New Deal, Inc., Cambridge, MA, (617) 661-0590, D

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This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.