Canter Staff Development Videos

From Canter and Associates comes a Professional Development Video Series for grades K-12. This informative series -- four videotape packages in all -- offers all teachers practical ways to enhance classroom instruction using technology. Names that you know, leading experts, demonstrate an discuss how you can prepare your students for the future, while enriching your content today.

The complete Technology in Today's Classroom video package includes: 4 programs on 4 videocassettes (total viewing time, 5 hours, 30 minutes); 4 Leader's Manuals (one for each module). One can purchase modules separately or the full series ($699) for a savings of over $200.

Alan November
Technology, the Learning Process and a Vision for the Future
Alan November stretches your thinking about the impact and potential of new technologies. Learn the role technology plays in teaching the essential skills of collaboration and problem solving. Develop your teachers' capacity to: Turn fears into hopes, and prepare students for the 21st century workforce.

Michelle Swanson
Project- Based Learning and Technology
Students become contributors to society as they engage in authentic projects that address real-world issues. Learn the steps for effective project-based learning. Help teachers: Construct projects relevant to students' lives, and integrate technology and content.

David Thornburg
Managing Change with New Technologies
Dr. David Thornburg helps teachers jump ahead on the learning curve, and anticipate technological change before it happens. Help teachers: Determine whether to do things differently or do different things; prepare for change, incorporating new technologies before the old ones become obsolete.

Jamie McKenzie
The Internet: A Tool for Research and Communication
Dr. McKenzie shows how to use the Internet to engage students in meaningful investigations and inquiries. Guide teachers to use the Internet to: Design projects, identify relevant online sources, and publish student work; and enhance students' research, reading, and critical thinking skills.

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This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.