Fall Workshops Announced

Hearlihy & Company will be conducting Modular Life Education workshops specifically for Family and Consumer Sciences educators in various locations this fall. They will be held in an actual modular lab hosted by experienced Modular Education instructors. Teachers can try different module subjects during "hands on" sessions in an actual lab. The Family & Consumer Sciences workshop is designed to help educators discover how to assist students in developing critical life skills.

Hearlihy is also holding Modular Technology Education workshops around the country. For those educators interested in developing a modular technology program, information will be provided on how to best design and implement one. Experienced Technology Education instructors will be on hand, and participants will be able to sample different modules during "hands on" sessions in a tech lab.

For further information,  including dates and locations, contact Hearlihy & Company, Springfield, Ohio, (800) 622-1000.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1997 issue of THE Journal.