Cable Listings

Channel One News from Channel One Network has entered its tenth season of bringing the world's events into classrooms around the country each school day. The 12-minute newscast is a source of news and information for young people. Its reporters and producers have circled the world, producing in-depth international stories to be interwoven with the day's breaking news. Channel One has gone to Pakistan to cover the history of the Kashmir conflict; to China to report on U.S./China relations and the country's current economic reform; to Africa to report on the lives of teens living in war-torn Sudan and endangered animal species in Kenya; and to Kosovo to follow up on the turmoil caused by the country's crisis. The broadcasts can also be seen at


Take an electronic field trip to Colonial Williamsburg, where you can listen to George Washington recount his young days as a soldier, follow a young girl from a gentry family through her daily routine, or understand the hardships and accomplishments of slaves and indentured servants. When a school subscribes, it receives printed materials in advance of the broadcast as well as an Internet site loaded with questions, answers and activities. Upcoming episodes include: Washington: Man and Myth (Dec. 2, 1999); A Day in the Life (Jan 13, 2000); Trail of Whispers (Feb. 17, 2000); Call to Arms (March 16, 2000); and Building History (April 13, 2000). Call (800) 761-8331 or visit to register.



On A&E in November, check out F. Scott Fitzgerald: The American Dreamer. His flamboyant lifestyle epitomized the wild days of 1920's America and his stories make him one of the most important authors of the century. The program airs on Nov. 12th. Also in November are Nelson Mandela: Journey to Freedom on the 24th and Justice and the Citizen: Tolerance in America on the 26th. In December look for The Vatican Revealed on Dec. 7th and 8th. This A&E Classroom presentation looks at the role the world's smallest nation played in shaping Europe and in the collapse of the Soviet Union. Among other programs in December are Dali Lama: The Soul of Tibet on the 23rd, and Rosa Parks: Mother of a Movement on the 25th. Check or your local listings for times.



Each week, C-SPAN's American Presidents: Life Portraits profiles the life of one of the 41 men who have occupied the office of President of the United States. Presidents covered in November include Lyndon Johnson on Nov. 12th, Richard Nixon on Nov. 19th, and Gerald Ford on Nov. 26th. Jimmy Carter will be profiled on Dec. 3rd and Ronald Reagan will follow on Dec. 10th. Check out or for more information.

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.