Grolier and Nature Present Science CD-ROM

NATURE - Virtual Serengeti is a program that uses the context of a photo safari to allow students to gain an understanding of biodiversity and its importance for the survival of all species.

Students from grades four and up are introduced to the wild Serengeti Plain. Here, they can discover facts about East African climate, vegetation and animal life. Developed by WNET, producers of the award-winning Nature TV series, NATURE - Virtual Serengeti is available for PC and Macintosh.

The CD-ROM adventure, led by Nature's George Page, lets students explore East African locales, discover animals in their natural habitats and even create a video documentary based on their findings. Loaded with animal videos, facts and an interactive journal, Virtual Serengeti includes a Web site with selected Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia articles. Students can experience more than 60 Serengeti animals. By assuming the role of research assistant to George Page, students work to meet a deadline to complete a documentary on the Serengeti.

Included is a comprehensive Teacher's Guide that offers individual and group activities, including research and discussion topics, directions for conducting surveys and role-playing situations. The program also lists related Web sites. The Serengeti Journal features six educational chapters related to how animals adapt to life in East Africa. Upon completion, students can view the Nature documentary they created on a storyboard. Students and teachers will find this program easy to use, complete with a tutorial session and a welcome video. Grolier Interactive, Danbury, CT, (800) 371-3908,

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1999 issue of THE Journal.