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Help Students Score in Reading

Scholastic, Inc., in conjunction with the NBA and WNBA, have launched Courtside Reading, a supplemental multimedia reading program for use in schools, after-school and summer-school programs for students in grades 3-6. The program features a CD-ROM and reading cards with information about and interviews of top NBA and WNBA players. In addition, 12 NBA and WNBA-themed books are available as an optional-buy library with the Courtside Reading program, as are a number of skill books focusing on reading, math, map and study skills.

Courtside Reading is intended to help students develop reading, writing and vocabulary skills, while providing practice with standardized tests, presenting positive role models, and highlighting values such as teamwork, commitment and respect. The program combines engaging facts and visuals, and allows students to self-monitor and independently practice reading in context. A Teacher's Resource Book offers suggestions for using the program in various learning environments.

The CD-ROM component of Courtside Reading lets students take on the role of sports reporters, gathering research information from player interviews and articles that were filmed and written specifically for the program. It also includes interactive reading comprehension activities, vocabulary instruction and video footage of game action. The reading card component features key information and provides extra practice. The cards are divided into four categories: Basketball Greats, Behind the Scenes, Values in Action, and Community Involvement. The teacher's guide explains the program's goals and provides helpful ideas to support nonfiction reading strategies. It also includes forms for tracking students' progress and award certificates for students. Scholastic, Inc., New Yourk, NY, (800) SCHOLASTIC,

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/2000 issue of THE Journal.