LA District Expands Assessments


Louisiana's LaFourche Parish School District, which serves approximately 15,000 students in 30 schools, has expanded its license of formative assessment and instructional offerings from Plato Learning.

The Plato Learning Environment aims to provide a integrated system for delivering classroom content, formative and perspective assessment and instruction, standards and curriculum management, custom course creation, and analysis and reporting. The district will license 1,280 additional subscriptions to be used for diagnostic and prescriptive learning aligned to state content standards.

"The enhanced agreement provides us with great versatility and improved management capabilities, enabling our students to improve material comprehension and test scores," said Linda Dangerfield, district director of special education, in a prepared statement.

The district originally used Plato content for evaluating students falling behind in language arts and math, but the expansion will add social studies, science, and credit recovery to help high schoolers prepare to pass state exit exams.

Since implementing the system, the LaFourche Parish School District has improved its District Accountability Ranking from 39 to 23, according to Assistant Superintendent Gary Babin.

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