T.H.E. SmartClassroom :: March 27, 2008


Electronic Transcripts at the Tipping Point

In an age of electronic information, it seems obvious--exchange student transcripts electronically, thereby cutting costs, speeding the process, and making fraud more difficult. But in a process that has taken many years, student transcripts are just now being pushed and pulled into the 21st century. Often on a state-by-state basis, high schools and colleges are gradually adopting technologies to allow them to exchange transcripts electronically....

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Ed Tech News

Autodesk Revamps Educational Engineering Suites

Autodesk has introduced new versions of its three core education packages for K-12 and post-secondary institutions, including Autodesk Design Institute, Autodesk Design Academy, and Autodesk DesignKids, all of which will roll out between late May and early June....

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Adobe Ships Director 11

Adobe has released Director 11, the first major update to the company's multimedia authoring tool in about four years. The new version expands 3D features with a new physics engine and new DirectX support and also introduces parity between JavaScript and Lingo for scripting. The new version supports Mac OS X (Intel only) and Windows....

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Tribrio Makes Online Test Creation Free

Education and training software developer Tribrio has launched a new site called TestDesigner.com that allows teachers to create tests free and browse through a library of subject-specific assessments created by other educators....

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South Carolina Virtual Charter School To Open in August

South Carolina will open a new virtual public charter school this summer: the South Carolina Virtual Charter School (SCVCS). It was approved March 6 by the South Carolina Public Charter School District, South Carolina's statewide charter school authorizing agency....

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Yahoo! Backs OpenSocial; New Foundation Formed

Yahoo! announced Tuesday that it's joined forces with Google and MySpace to back OpenSocial, which aims to define a common API to allow social applications across multiple sites. Google, Yahoo!, and MySpace are also creating a non-profit foundation to "foster the continued open development of OpenSocial."...

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