Collaboration 2.0 :: April 16, 2008

Welcome to Collaboration 2.0, the newsletter for Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education. Here you'll find news on new Web technologies; tips from professionals on planning, deploying, and using collaborative tools; and trends and analyses of issues in which online technologies impact education. If you have any questions or tips you'd like to pass along, please contact David Nagel, executive editor, at [email protected].


Crossroads in Education

Issues for Web 2.0, Social Software, and Digital Tools

We are at a crossroads in educating our youth. Advancements in technology, principally Web 2.0, social software, and digital tools, have challenged what it means to be educated and how we proceed to educate our youth in a culture where innovation and creativity, lifelong learning, personalization, and knowledge from and with the collective vie for a rightful place....

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Spotlight: Free Social Media Tools for Educators

While most districts are still tackling Web-based collaboration tools from pedagogical and security perspectives, a large number of teachers are already out there using these tools to supplement instruction, engage learners, and encourage their students to become producers of information, as well as consumers of it. In other words, they're experimenting. And here are some of the free tools they're using to do it....

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Elementary Students Reach Out to Neighborhood with Web Project

Fourth-graders at Pleasant Glade Elementary School in Washington will be developing a Web site for their neighborhood using a $10,000 grant from the Qwest Foundation, which was awarded to teachers Tamara Campbell, Ann Chenhall, and Nora Strauch this week....

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WebSphere Portal 6.1 To Couple Web 2.0, Enterprise Technologies

IBM revealed Wednesday that it will ship WebSphere Portal 6.1 this quarter (i.e. by the end of June) with new collaboration, administrative, deployment, and Web 2.0 features based on input gathered from some 4,000 beta testers. The company also announced that it's shipping three of its accelerators for WebSphere Portal this quarter....

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Microsoft Proposes Cross-Industry Effort To Address Online Trust Challenge

Microsoft Corp. has initiated a call for action to address the future of security and privacy on the Internet. In a speech by Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie, the company proposed "End to End Trust," a pitch for organizations, including vendors and user organizations, to work together to create a more secure and trusted online environment....

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Desire2Learn Launches Web Services for Learning Management

CMS/LMS developer Desire2Learn this week launched Web Services 1.0, a set of Web-based enhancements for the D2L Learning Environment and D2L Learning Platform. Modules included with the 1.0 release include "organization structure management, enrolment management, and gradebook entry and lookup," according to the company....

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Study: Are Schools Inhibiting 21st Century Learning?

The idea of technology in education is to enhance learning, not limit it. Yet a large portion of students say teachers and school IT departments are doing just that: throwing up barriers to learning with the very technology that's supposed to facilitate it. And teachers, administrators, and parents seem to be largely unaware of this, according to the results of the 2007 Speak Up survey released this month by Project Tomorrow....

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Online Resources

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  • The Role of Technology in Changing Professional Development
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