School Security :: January 13, 2009

Security Spotlight

  • Caller ID Spoofing: Is There an Answer?

    Caller ID spoofing causes the caller ID display on a phone to display something other than the real caller. It isn't a new technology; it's been around since caller ID became popular. While the original spoofing implementations were somewhat kludgy, with the advent of Voice Over IP (VoIP) they became much better. It's an easy hack that endangers institutional data through "social engineering." Are your faculty and staff aware of this potential threat? More

School Security News & Issues

  • UK Sixth Graders Become Test Subjects for Facial Scanning System

    Turning Technologies has launched an iPhone and iPod Touch version of A performing arts school in the United Kingdom will shortly begin testing automated facial recognition to identify students who arrive late. St. Neots Community College, a school for 11- to 19-year-olds, will capture infrared photos of sixth graders and store the images in an encrypted form that will then be used to recognize them as they arrive. More
  • Missouri School District Recruits DeepNines iTrust To Counter Web Proxies

    Southern Boone School District in Ashland, Missouri has implemented DeepNines Technologies' iTrust for content filtering and control. The district was struggling with students accessing restricted content online despite the fact that it had already deployed a content filtering solution. Top priorities set by the district while evaluating new solutions included the need to eliminate anonymous proxies, control content, and manage Internet traffic. More
  • Trend Micro, BigFix Partner on Enterprise-scale Security

    Two security companies--BigFix and Trend Micro--have teamed up in a joint licensing agreement to integrate their malware prevention and security management systems in an effort to woo business among organizations with more than 10,000 endpoints. The first delivery is the Trend Micro Web Protection Module, designed to protect endpoints against Web threats and provide security enhancements to the BigFix platform. More
  • Infinite Campus Integrates Emergency Notification with SIS

    Infinite Campus has announced a new version of its student information system, District Edition 2009.2, which integrates emergency notification. More
  • Bee-line Launches VoIP-based Mass Communication System

    Bee-line Communications has recently made its Bee Interactive VoIP mass communication platform available to school administrators. The system is designed to help streamline districts' phone-based communications. More