FFL Examines E-Rate Difficulties in Latest Survey


Funding compliance services firm Funds for Learning has announced the launch of its second annual National E-rate Survey. The survey seeks to glean extensive feedback on the federal E-rate program, which helps schools fund educational technology purchases and upgrades.

The survey, which consists of 33 questions, inquires into participants' experiences in the E-rate application process, including difficulties, unclear requirements, and results. In its research based on the aggregate data it collects, FFL hopes to effect improvements in the program.

Participants in the survey will also be invited to participate in a national online discussion about E-rate this May, in which they will answer questions posed by a moderator and discuss and debate other participants' answers and feedback. In addition, those institutions whose employees or members complete the survey will be given a complimentary three-month subscription to E-rate Manager for Applicants, FFL's extensive online suite of tools to help manage the entire application and fund dissemination process.

The results will be published on FFL's Web site in June, and the company will forward its findings to members of Congress, the FCC, and the Universal Service Administrative Company's Schools and Libraries Division.

E-rate applicants who wish to participate should visit the survey page at fundsforlearning.com/survey by June 30.

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