Professional Development Provider Seeks To Demystify Autism Using Online Workshops


For educators who teach children affected with varying degrees of autism, the watchword has long been "frustration." But ongoing progress in improving professional development training for these individuals may make such inescapable frustration a thing of the past.

Virtual Expert Clinics, provider of AutismPro, a training solution specifically geared to educators working with autistic children, has introduced a series of online workshops and supplemental materials aimed at demystifying the neurological condition and empowering users with the confidence and depth of knowledge they need in order to teach such students with optimal effectiveness.

Using evidence-based strategies, AutismPro Workshops provides online instruction through easy-to-understand text, video demonstrations, and a wealth of real-world case studies. This instruction offers in depth techniques and solutions to dealing with autism in a classroom setting.

As an example, a spokesperson for VEC said that educators are often uncertain of how to respond to undesirable behaviors. Prior to taking on an unfamiliar activity, a student may act out as a way of coping with the stress he is feeling. The video tutorial explains the applications and effectiveness of introducing a "calming activity," such having the student squeeze a foam ball as an alternative method to dealing with the inevitable stress, thereby averting the undesirable behavior.

An advantage to the AutismPro Workshops course from a user standpoint is its online format. Unlike professional development courses taught at scheduled times in a specific location, the program allows users to learn at their own pace, on any Web-connected computer and according to the user's own schedule. In addition, when necessary, a user can access the online course materials, refer back to a lesson related to the current situation, and apply the recommended technique the next time the situation arises.

VEC is offering a live webinar, which will highlight the use and benefits of the program as a professional development tool, on Thurs., May 13, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Registration is at

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