Product Focus

Parasync by Parat Solutions

by Parat Solutions

PARAT SOLUTIONS introduces Parasync, a charging and synchronization dock that has been approved by Apple to work with iPods or iPhones. Educators can simultaneously update content on up to 20 devices by connecting the dock via USB cable to a Mac with iTunes installed. They can then drag and drop content from the iTunes library onto individual devices, or set the application to sync the devices with the same content automatically-- no additional software needed. Since the Parasync is lightweight and covers the same amount of surface area as a sheet of paper, it fits easily on a classroom desk, shelf, or cart. Price: $980.


Eno Mini by Polyvision

Eno Mini
by Polyvision

POLYVISION presents the Eno Mini slate, a mobile companion to the Eno interactive whiteboard. The ergonomic, lightweight unit enables the creation and delivery of lessons from anywhere in the classroom, and its multiuser input feature allows up to three styluses to simultaneously be used on the slate and/or whiteboard. The slate attaches magnetically to any steel surface, including most marker boards and chalkboards, and is equipped with a rugged-grip surface to withstand being passed around the classroom. The Eno Mini comes in four model types, each packaged with different features to meet diverse classroom needs. Price: $199 to $499, depending on model type.


PagePlus X4 by Serif

PagePlus X4
by Serif

SERIF has released the latest version of its award-winning desktop publishing software, PagePlus X4. The software is ideal for schools that need to create printed materials for curriculum or administrative purposes. PagePlus X4 continues to offer its signature features, including thousands of professional templates and specialized logo and cutout studios. Features new to this version include a learning zone with resources such as video tutorials and Serif support, integrated photo-editing capabilities, and tools for creating high-impact graphics. In addition, the updated software has increased industry-standard file compatibility that allows users to import Microsoft Word and files. Price: $59.99.


This article originally appeared in the October 1, 2009 issue of THE Journal.