K-12 Grant To Award Classroom Clickers

The Turning Foundation, Study Island, and Performance Matters have launched a new grant to award teachers with student response systems, also knows as classroom clickers.

The 2009 Classroom Improvement Technology Grant program will award 15 teachers a 32-seat polling system and related software, a one-year license to Study Island's state testing prep suite, and one year of access to Performance Matters' data management solution, along with related technical support.

"Our goal is to positively impact student achievement and increase the overall success of students and teachers in the classroom.  Combining these effective solutions under one grant opportunity will give award recipients the tools they need to accomplish exactly that," said John Wilson, Turning Foundation director, in a prepared statement.

Teachers of public/non-profit schools (grades 3 through 8) are eligible to apply for the grants. Applications are due can apply before Oct. 25. Recipients will be announced Oct. 30.

Further information is available here.

About the Author

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