NASA Launches Student Site

The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has launched a Web site aimed specifically at teenagers that gives them access to current NASA spacecraft data, potentially taking school science projects to a new level.

The "Mission: Science" site also gives teens the opportunity to conduct experiments in conjunction with actual NASA scientists, giving students an unprecedented glimpse into the ongoing research that will advance space exploration and take humanity further into the universe. And for those wishing to explore NASA itself and its student followers even further, the site offers social networking tools; links to enter science contests; information about college research programs and space-related summer internships; and an array of NASA images, animation, videos, and podcasts.

"This site will allow teenagers, who have their own unique language and style, to get information faster and have fun at the same time," said Ruth Netting, manager of education and outreach activities in NASA's Science Mission Directorate. "NASA provides a vast amount of STEM information online for students of all ages, but this Web site boosts the content available for this age group."

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