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Gefen Releases AV Switcher With Amplification and Scaling

Gefen's A/V Conference Room Processor can scale video up tp 1080p.

Gefen has unveiled a new switcher that scales and amplifies AV signals received through HDMI, DVI/DVI-D/DVI-I, analog RGB/component (mini D-sub 15-pin), composite video, or stereo RCA jack inputs.

The new switcher, dubbed the A/V Conference Room Processor, sends video with resolutions scaled up to a maximum of 1080p through a single HDMI output. Audio signals sent to the switcher are mixed down from Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro Logic, amplified with a built in 2 channel, 25 watt per channel amplifier, and conveyed through stereo RCA jack outputs.

Buttons on the front of the unit control input selection, while an LCD menu system enables manual scaling of the output resolution.

The switcher ships with EDID management, RS-232 control, auto 3:2 pull-down, 2:2 pull-down recovery and detection, and field upgradable firmware.

Additional features include a 165 MHz pixel clock, an analog video bandwidth of 350 MHz, and a rack-mountable, Energy Star compliant design.

The A/V Conference Room Processor ships with a 2-year warranty and can be pre-ordered from Gefen for $1,799. A 3-year extended warranty and 4-year extended warranty are available for $300 and $400 respectively.

Further information can be found at gefen.com.

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