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Infinite Campus Adds Android Support to Mobile SIS Portal

Infinite Campus is now offering its popular Campus Mobile Portal for Android phones.

The new Campus Mobile Portal can be retrieved free from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. It joins Campus Mobile Portal for Apple's iOS, which has been up and running since September 2011 and has, according to the company, been the No. 1 download for free education apps on iTunes.

The new application lets students use their Google Android phones to access grades, attendance, and schedule information anywhere they have network connectivity. The app also allows parents or guardians with more than one student family member to switch between each user to access information. Students, on the other hand, can only see their own information.

As with the iOS version, Campus Mobile Portal for Android offers access to a daily planner of assignments by class, a log of attendance figures (including absences and tardies), and grades. It also offers the ability to drill down into the data that explains how educators arrived at those final grades.

Other features of the mobile application include giving students the ability to remotely check their schedules and, when enabled by the school district, receive push notifications about changes to assignments, grades, and attendance according to their individual preferences. The application is designed to tap information already stored in a school district's Infinite Campus database--but to do so while mobile.

Infinite Campus built the mobile portal from the ground up to give "parents and students access to key educational information anywhere at any time," company Founder-CEO Charlie Kratsch said in a news release.

Over the last 15 years, Infinite Campus has implemented solutions to manage more than 5 million students in 43 states for customers ranging from small and large school districts and regional consortia to state departments of education and the federal government.

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