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Observation 360 Adds Teacher Effectiveness System Integration

School Improvement Network has added new features to and redesigned Observation 360, a teacher professional development tool that integrates with PD 360, to personalize plans for teachers and provide training resources.

Observation 360 provides suggested on-demand video training based on results from teacher evaluations. Using Observation 360, an administrator selects the template to be used for the observation, which includes a set of questions. During class, the administrator would observe and input comments for each question.

The observation is then submitted and linked to PD 360, which includes more than 1,500 videos on 97 topics focused on best practices and offer classroom examples. It also provides premium courses, which include interaction with experts during Webinars and question activities.

After the teacher watches the mandated videos, the administrator can do a second walkthrough and submit additional comments. Administrators can also use Observation 360 on iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, and traditional desktop and laptop computers. They can complete different parts of the process on different devices.

New features of Observation 360 include:

  • Integration with School Improvement Network's Teacher Effectiveness System, which includes PD 360, Common Core 360, and My Portfolio;
  • Compatibility with all teaching frameworks;
  • Workflow process templates, for management from teacher evaluation to recommended professional development completion, with role access login;
  • Designation of type of observation, with options including “self,” “informal,” “formal,” and “peer”;
  • Prescription of professional development content types, including from PD 360, external links, or file attachments;
  • Weighted rubrics; and
  • Automatically generated reports at the completion of observations.

The new Observation 360 also integrates with the company's recently unveiled six-step Teacher Effectiveness System, which consists of: goals and objectives; process and workflow management; systemic professional development; observations and evaluations; personalized professional learning; and progress and evidence.

Observation 360 with new features will be available before the fall.

For more information, visit schoolimprovement.com.

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