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New Social Platform Aims To Help Parents Understand Technology, a service designed to help parents understand technology and the ways it affects their children is launching in the United States today. London-based Quibly has also released the results of a survey into the attitudes of American parents about technology and their children.

Covering 16 topic areas and free to join, is a social platform that encourages parents to ask questions. Answers are provided by staff, experts, and other users.
Topics covered include apps, child development, safety & privacy, and social media, among others.

"Today's children are pioneers of growing up immersed in the fully-connected, always-on world of Facebook, iPhones, and iPads," said Holly Seddon, editor in chief of, in a prepared statement. " offers a community that will help parents openly discuss this constantly evolving world, and understand from other parents and experts how they can help their children get the most out of it."

In a recent survey commissioned by and conducted by OnePoll, 1,000 American parents of children under 16-years-old answered questions about their attitudes toward technology and their children.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents told researchers that they found it difficult to keep up with the opportunities available to their children because of the rapid rate of technological change. Forty-eight percent reported worrying "that their children could lack valuable skills and knowledge essential for a modern US as a result of missing out on the opportunities and new ways of thinking that modern technology provides," according to information released by the company, and just over a third of respondents said they "believe children will be less intellectually curious if they are not exposed to everything today’s technologically savvy society has to offer."

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